Are you curious to discover all the secrets of the brewery? You can book a guided tour during which we’ll go through the brew house, the cellar, the mills, the laboratory, the packaging line, the event room and you will meet the brewmaster. Price is 10.00€, it includes a flight of 3 beers of your choice and snacks. We look forward to welcoming you! Book here! 



Tour has a duration of approximately 20 minutes and Guided Tasting approximately 20 minutes.

IMPAVIDA. FEARLESS. The name of our craft brewery. But it is also the adjective that best describes the character and personality of the two women who gave it life, in a special place in the mountains of northern Italy: Arco di Trento. In an industrial space, a restoration project realized by the Milanese studio Genuizzi Banal, a meeting point was born: a destination, a place for all lovers of good craft beer, but also a genuine and informal venue to spend time with friends in front of the Tap Room counter.

On the upper floors there is office space and a multifunctional hall with a glass wall overlooking the brewhouse, showing the horizon from a new point of view. And then a large terrace for which we will soon discover a special purpose to be shared. Suggestions are welcome!

IMPAVIDA is also a character, a personality, it is that spark that ignites the desire to achieve, every day. To try. To dare. It is also the courage to give life to a craft brewery during a global pandemic. Because this is the exact trait of pioneers, of explorers and seekers: being fearless.

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